Believe me I am getting better every day, so come back again and check me.

My name is Gala. I'm 15 years old and I live in my beloved Slovenia (more precisely in Ljubljana).

I qualify myself as a “free-thinking artist”. Like a giant mutated bee, I fly from flower to flower, absorbing general knowledge and brilliant ideas. I have been pursuing an "artistic hobby" since my mother kicked me out of the womb. An artistic hobby is, of course, an insanely broad concept. I deal with fine arts, music and literature. Writings, drawings, everything can be found in my room.

Some more general information: I have been playing guitar for seven years now. Guitar is the other mouth to my complicated brain. When the voice is not enough, the guitar performs. There are currently two guitars in my room. And of course, they have names (Gita and Frida). I am also interested in interior designing. I have a bedroom so furnished in a unique style that represents my brain. There are books, pictures and a lot more. The room is furnished so I get a feeling that I’m living somewhere in Italy. More precise in Tuscany. Tuscany lives very close to my heart. Every year in the summer we go to the chosen villa with our, quite charming may I say, four-wheeled vehicle. Our friends keep us company there for a week. My favourite place in the whole wide world is Pienza. Of course, it is in Tuscany.

As you can guess, music means a lot to me. The content of my “playlists” ranges from 1930s music all the way to 2020.

The names of the drawings and paintings you can see in the gallery itself, however, have no story. I made them up the after I finished painting. However, these images have one peculiarity. In addition to the title, each picture is associated with a song that I listened to when the picture was created. I practice my writing and literary expression by writing in a diary. And this diary is not an ordinary diary in which we write: Dear diary, today I ate milk and corn flakes for breakfast, and so on. In this diary I write down everything that goes through my head. As I have found over the years that there is a lack of room in my skull for new thoughts, which are not few, I remembered a great solution. And this is to start writing a diary. Inside are descriptions of events, feelings and things, musical scales, descriptions of dreams and experiences that no one knows about. Ladies and gentleman we've made it to the end. This is all I have to say for now.

All the best from Gala Sučić.

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